Thomas Elliot and Co.’s Landscape design and architecture team can plan, design, and manage your beautiful property. We create gardens and other outdoor spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our landscape designers use techniques to create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, including selecting plants and materials, designing hardscapes such as paths and walls, and incorporating water features and other natural elements. We help you create an outdoor space that can provide a habitat for wildlife, offer recreational opportunities, and increase your property value.

Thomas Elliott and Co. can do a soil analysis beneficial to understand the characteristics of a particular landscape. The composition of soil can have an impact on the plants and organisms that inhabit the area. Therefore, an analysis can help determine whether it needs to be adjusted for optimal plant growth. Soil analysis can also identify essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium levels. These nutrients are critical for plant growth, and understanding the nutrient levels in the soil can help guide fertilization practices. The texture of the earth is determined by the size of its particles and can influence water and nutrient retention. Sandy soils drain quickly but may not retain nutrients well, while clay soils can hold onto water and nutrients but may be prone to compaction. A soil analysis can help determine the texture of the ground in a landscape.

Overall, landscape soil analysis is a crucial tool for understanding the characteristics of soil in a particular area and for guiding practices such as fertilization, composting, and cover cropping to improve soil health and support healthy plant growth.

THOMAS ELLIOTT & CO. provides exceptional landscape architecture and design for Suffolk county including Port Washington, and the north shore of Long Island.

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