Thomas Elliott and Co.’s landscape design and architecture will plan, design, and arrange your outdoor spaces to create functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable environments. We have experience designing gardens, parks, public spaces, commercial properties, and residential yards. Our primary goal in landscape design is to create an outdoor environment that enhances the quality of life. We consider factors such as climate, soil type, topography, and the surrounding environment, as well as your specific needs and preferences. Our landscape designers use various tools and techniques, including computer-aided design (CAD) software, hand-drawn sketches, and 3D modeling software, and also work with multiple materials, such as plants, trees, rocks, and water features, to create the desired effect.

THOMAS ELLIOTT & CO. provides exceptional landscape architecture and design for Oyster Bay, Nassau county, and the north shore of Long Island.

Thomas Elliott and Co. can design pergolas, outdoor kitchens, water and fire features, and lighting.

Outdoor kitchens can be a great addition to your landscape, providing a functional and beautiful space for cooking and entertaining. Here are some ideas to inspire outdoor kitchen landscape design:

Integrate with your existing landscape: Consider the style and materials used in your current landscape design and extend those elements to your outdoor kitchen. For example, if you have a lot of natural stone in your yard, consider using a similar stone for your kitchen countertops.

Add a pergola or covered area: Adding a pergola or covered area above your outdoor kitchen can provide shade and shelter from the elements. This can also create a cozy atmosphere for outdoor dining.

Incorporate water features: Adding a water feature like a fountain or waterfall nearby your outdoor kitchen can create a calming and serene atmosphere while you cook and entertain.

Use natural materials: Incorporating natural materials like stone, wood, and plants can create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Install outdoor lighting: Outdoor lighting can add ambiance and functionality to your outdoor kitchen, allowing you to cook and entertain in the evening hours.

Incorporate planters and gardens: Adding planters and gardens nearby your outdoor kitchen can create a lush and inviting environment while also providing fresh herbs and produce for cooking.

Add a fire pit or fireplace: A fire pit or fireplace nearby your outdoor kitchen can provide warmth and a cozy atmosphere for guests to gather around.

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