THOMAS ELLIOTT & CO. provides exceptional Landscape Design, Landscape Architecture, Patios & Masonry, Outdoor Kitchens, and Garden Design to serve Nassau County including, Glen Cove, and the north shore of Long Island. Our garden design team can plan and create a functional, visually appealing outdoor space that suits your needs and preferences. It involves several elements, such as plant selection, hardscaping, lighting, and irrigation. Thomas Elliott & Co., landscape designers, and architects combine elements to harmonize buildings and outdoor spaces. We design outdoor spaces, parks, gardens, and plazas.

At Thomass Elliott & Co., we create public spaces that are both functional and visually appealing, involving integrating natural elements such as water features, vegetation, and topography into the design, as well as using materials such as stone, wood, and concrete to create built structures.

Our goal is to create sustainable and environmentally friendly spaces. If desired, we use renewable materials, incorporate green roofs and walls, and use water-efficient landscaping techniques to make beautiful, functional, and sustainable outdoor spaces to enhance your property’s beauty and value.

Bellport, New York

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